About Restful web service in PHP, I will take guides from install extensions and create a new function, check result with rest standard server step by step. Step 1. You could download extension "Advanced REST client" on google chrome browser to check function.

In his blog, Jim Plush have outlined several factors to differentiate between a professional PHP developer and a simple programmer

Learning and training knowledge is always necessary to prepare ourselves more confident employers. To examine your self ready. Let me offer one of common interview questions to help you shape the questions most frequently used in the interview process. These questions, I usually apply in the event are invited to interview professional in some enterprise in the South. And today, there are now also other businesses in the inquiry refer candidates. Therefore, you should take the time to manually answer the question. It assesses at each level level view of what you are currently at. I will put 140 questions to gradually every level from basic, advanced, in-depth and to the question for the position as team leader, technical manager in the future. Hopefully, this will help you work out and create one playground for you to participate in our website and groups.

Operators Arithmetic Arithmetic is the simplest form of calculation, subtraction, multiplication, and division in arithmetic. There are also divisions take account balance (%). Used to retrieve the remainder of the first unit operation.

String is a very important data type in PHP, some data types such as integer or float in many cases can be considered as the string

Although PHP supports many types of data, but in this lesson, I introduce to you 7 data types most commonly used are: string, integer, float, boolean