Component is the extension of CakePHP Framework. Allows users to customize and use it flexibly. Such as a useful component in CakePHP which we used as: ACL (decentralization), mail, time, security, ... Also, to perform specific purposes.

When we write an application for CakePHP Framework . default CakePHP Framework has supported us Interface available. But sometimes, depending on the preferences, needs and trends ... Should mandatory designers and programmers should have the interface ( layout ) for himself. Posts will guide how we create one layout for yourself and how to apply 1 Helper CakePHP Framework into their applications...

Session is an important concept in programming PHP Net. It is used to manage the session of the user as the management mechanism of user authentication (login), manage the flow of information to remember, ... And of course CakePHPFramework for us also in providing library to handle session .

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Inheritance syntax When you extend a class, subclass inherits all of the superclass method except of course the properties or methods are declared with the keyword private.

Load husband (Overloading) The declaration of a class with the same name multiple methods but different parameters (different data types, different number of parameters) declared husband called method (method overloading). Or briefly on each standard as below so that you understand.

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