PHP Website Audio Chat Red5 Server

Posted on 2015-01-06 04:55:39

Hello I am new to developing websites and now my client has requested that I integrate Voice Chat feature in his PHP website. I did some research and understand that I need a Media Server like Red5, Wowza to be able to implement this Voice Chat feature. But there also mentions of the word Flex, my question is can someone just tell me in simple words what all technologies are needed to implement Voice Chat in a PHP based website. I understand that PHP is just for back-end processing work, so I just wish to know do I need to learn some kind of special programming language to implement this feature. There is also mention of creating a Media Server application in order to implement CHAT applications, so can someone please help me out. For my requirement which is just live Voice Chat(no recording, no video) I wish to make use of Red5 Media Server as it is cheaper when compared to Wowza and Adobe Media Servers As far as I can tell I need to install Red5-server in Ubuntu Make use of Flash in my PHP website so that I can allow users to have Voice Chat Need to make a Red5 Application I just wish if someone can just confirm if my understanding on how to implement the Live Voice Chat feature in my PHP website is correct, if in case it is wrong or in-complete then please help me out I don't know Flash, so if there is any simple tutorial(or plugin) on how to implement Flash Audio Chat then please let me know I don't know how to make Red5 Applications, so if someone can just point me towards the right link it would be much appreciated I tried some of the links to understand my requirement but they keep using the work live Streaming, I am not sure if Live Streaming is same as 2 way CHAT or most articles include Recording which is not my requirement I am for now trying to install the Red5 server, but if I buy a Red5 Media Streaming Hosting server from a third party service provider then can someone please tell me what all things I need to do. Do I then still need to make a Red5 Application, or just the Flash application I wish to keep it simple so if buying Red5 Hosting service makes my work easier then I would like to go for that. I personally don't wish to install and manage Red5 server myself