Learning About Language HTML for begginers


Posted on 2016-12-01 04:01:31

What is HTML

HTML is the markup language used hypertext with the aim to create sites that run on the Internet.

        <a href="http://tutscode.com">Link tới trang tutscode.com</a>

HTML was developed by the organization or W3c Word Wide Web Consortium and it is an abbreviation of the English phrase Hypertext Markup Language . Among them is Hypertext Markup Language Hypertext and the markup language.

What is hypertext

Called hypertext (or Hypertext) is because this text pages can duoclien Links to other pages using hyperlinks (Hyperlink).

As in the above example code for using the card <a> to create a link to the homepage tutscode.com

HTML tags

HTML tags are used to mark different components of hypertext pages. Each different components use different tags. For example, the title element should be marked using the card <h1>, text components usually used cards <p>.

<h1>What is tag in html</h1>
<p>Html tag is using for ticked all element in document</p>

Create HTML File

To create an HTML file, you need to use a software called the program a text editor or plain text editing.

On Windows you can use a text editor such as Notepad (available in Windows) or Notepad ++ (you need to downloadNotepad ++ on the page notepad-plus-plus.org ).

On Mac OSX you can use TextEdit .

On Ubuntu you can use gedit.

The HTML file should be stored under the extension  .html.

After creating an HTML file you can use the browser to open them by dragging files to a page on a browser tab or double-click the file icon.

Above is to introduce the basics of HTML language.

To learn more about HTML you can refer on tutscode.com