Posted on 2015-07-14 10:01:09

Dear friends.
Learning and training knowledge is always necessary to prepare ourselves more confident employers. To examine your self ready. Let me offer one of common interview questions to help you shape the questions most frequently used in the interview process.
These questions, I usually apply in the event are invited to interview professional in some enterprise in the South. And today, there are now also other businesses in the inquiry refer candidates. Therefore, you should take the time to manually answer the question. It assesses at each level level view of what you are currently at.
I will put 140 questions to gradually every level from basic, advanced, in-depth and to the question for the position as team leader, technical manager in the future.
Hopefully, this will help you work out and create one playground for you to participate in our website and groups.
Questions about PHP Net: (for the basic level)
1. PHP has several ways to declare?. The way to be seen as legitimate and not affected when the updated version later?.
2. Hang in PHP different from variable?. If one constant is defined 2 times, then is there not fail?. Give examples.Hang can interpolate as variable or not?.
3. How many environmental variables?. $ _REQUEST Can get value from form?.
4. Distinguish the difference between the $ _POST and $ _GET.
5. What is sequential array?. What other with any sequence?. To browse the loop array do we use?. Why loop, while, do .... while not preferred browser used in array?.
6. To transfer the array into what we use the chain?. To split the array string into what we use function ?. We use the array to include what? To separate what we use the array?.
7. You know the difference between serialize and json_encode. Explaining the way you understand.
8. Cookies and sessions differ?. It is said of the session itself is a cookie, that's right or wrong?. If you want to increase the lifetime of the session, set up how?.
9. Suppose you are the owner of the server, how can know the session files stored?. You can intervene, edit file this session or not?.
10. According to you, the difference of operators & and && is what?. Tell us $ a ++ and ++ $ a difference where?.Quick calculation results in 2 minutes the following code:
<? Php
$ A = 5;
echo $ a ++ + $ a - + - $ a + ++ $ a + $ a ++ + ++ $ a - $ a - + $ a ;
11. mysql_close () necessary like in reality?. Why uncommon users adopt it.
12. To standardize data on utf-8 what should I do?.
13. How to get id just added to the database immediately proceed?.
14. To count the lines, you should use mysql_num_rows () on the query "select * from ...." or count directly in the query?.
15. The valuable enter or not in normal textarea (not embedded editor frame). And how can display external manipulation as usual newline.
16. fgets () and fgetc () How different?. fgets () and fread () What is different?. feof is, it makes sense how?.file_get_contents () different from fread ()?.
17. When you open the file (fopen) to read the file, and then continue to take action recording file. We should note what?.
18. How do you convert a line in the text file into each element in the array with sequential courses is 0?.
19. It is possible to store data on file or not?. When to save on file, is stored on a database at any time?.
20. To perform the upload must need something?.