11 programming languages ​​are in high demand today

Posted on 2015-07-07 03:44:06

There are many programming languages, but only a few commonly used languages. The Hacker Currently, there are thousands of different programming languages, but there are very few of them are well known to and widely used. Technology companies often hire experienced programmers to write software using the programming language commonly used suite of software and systems they are using. Most of them will require the oldest programming languages, not the new and modern languages ​​as Google Go or Apple Swift. 1. Java Invented in 1991 as the programming language for smart TVs, Java under Oracle is currently popular programming language in the world because it is an important platform to write applications for Android and many other enterprise software. images   2. PHP This programming language is extremely common for websites. Most major sites like WordPress, Facebook or Yahoo are building this language. However, many developers do not like to use PHP. Jeff Atwood, founder of Stack Exchange wrote: "PHP is not a programming language, but it looks like a mixture of materials selected arbitrarily for many keywords and content that the writer confused ". download (2) 3. Perl This is a programming language developed by a NASA engineer in the late 80s of Perl outstanding point is the ability to handle the text as well as the flexibility and robustness of it. Perl was once described as a "web of tape," because it links the site very closely together, however it is not a common language. images (3) 4. C One of the oldest programming languages ​​most used still to this day it is C, created in 1970. In 1978, his book "Legendary" is a lot of people find that reading books "The C Programming Language", was published for the first time and included 800 pages. C-Programming-Language 5.Objective-C  Built based on the original C language, Objective-C adds a number of features of other programming languages. Objective-C is standard for programmers to write applications for iOS but future things may change when Apple launched the programming language itself called Apple Swift. objective-c 6. JavaScript This is the programming language "super popular", mainly used in web-based applications. Many modern websites today are running in JavaScript, but its weakness is causing delays browser (if you have to handle more content or machine configuration requirements) and sometimes soiled vulnerabilities Privacy. download (1) 7. Visual Basic  Microsoft also has its own programming language called Visual Basic her (successor of Visual Basic is Visual Basic .NET). Visual Basic mainly makes programming easier because it lets you change the composition of a program by dragging and dropping. Although old and outdated but still many users because of the easy and intuitive Visual Basic. download Visual Basic 6 chạy trên Windows Vista 8. Python Launched in 1989, Python is considered an easy language to become familiar by its code is easy to read and differentiate. Many programmers believe that this is the programming language most familiar to work for "chicken fuzzy". images (2) 9. Ruby  Like Python, Ruby is a programming language for the code easy to read and easy to distinguish. Also Ruby also has another language that is Rails, in fact this is one add-ons complement Ruby Ruby but it helps with programming ability and build web-based applications more simply. The slogan of this language that's "close friend programmer" - "A programmer's best friend." companies-using-ruby-on-rails 10. CSS Stands for "Cascading Style Sheets", CSS is a language used to design specialized formatting and layout of a web page. Many web menus as well as menus for mobile applications written by CSS, JavaScript and HTML combined with. download (1) 11. R This is the choice of statisticians and data analysts. Google is also a "super fan" of this programming language. download (2) Resource Business Insider