Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers

Posted on 2015-07-02 08:07:54

PHP is the language behind some powerful web applications and currently the most popular, which could include Facebook and WordPress.
Learning a new language can be quite difficult for many people. This article introduces readers some valuable advice of experts for the new PHP entered the PHP world.

1. Elizabeth Naramore: Start with OOP


Naramore is a SourceForge employee and founder page. For people just starting to learn PHP, Naramore said that should have a solid background in object-oriented programming (OO) before diving straight into PHP.
"If you're coming from the field of programming itself, take the time to learn the basic principles of software development. These issues need attention, such as object-oriented programming (OOP), test-driven development test (test driven development), version management (version control), debugging (debugging), the design (design pattern), etc.).
"If you've tried and can not solve your problem, do not hesitate to ask. The PHP community in general very helpful and friendly. There is a wealth of resources for newcomers on the network. Thanks to the help of community, whether it is a local user group, an open source project of the community, or an IRC channel on freenode as #phpc ".

2. Keith Casey: Google It

Casey founded a software shop and does a lot of work in the major conferences on PHP.
His advice emphasizes finding your place in the community where PHP with a maxim is becoming increasingly important: Google It.
"Get involved immediately in a group of users PHP (PHP User's Group). There are countless PHP Groups anywhere in the world. That's where smart people gather to discuss, explore ideas, and help each other.
"Remember, try searching on Google before asking questions. No one likes those lazy at all."

3. Eamon Leonard: Join the open source project

Leonard runs a software company based in Ireland and is a founding partner CloudSplit, a service that analyzes real-time cloud computing technology. Like many of his colleagues, he recommends trying to join the open source project even if beginner PHP.
"Get involved in open source projects as soon as you grasp the basics ... This makes you can access the source code of the project and is a great opportunity to learn ask experts from industry veterans. "
"Search and documentation for recurrent errors can be a task is time consuming and is appreciated by any group developed open source ... When hiring developers to work with us, we will spend many more favors to those who have worked on a project to open source software. "

4. Lorna Jane Mitchell: Let's shake hands to do (Just do it)

"Lornajane" is the more common name of Mitchell on online communities, is a consultant, software developer, an author and speaker on PHP.
She gave a rather famous advice of professionals: Make began work (Just do it).
"Want to know how to swim, they must jump into the water! PHP is a language very easy to learn. The best way to find out if something works how it is embarking on probation.
"Anyone can program PHP. Less difficulty involved means that there are a lot of bad PHP in the world. But bad PHP that works is still useful. Personally I think if you can solve your problems with PHP, then you should get on and even if it is not perfect. "

5. Chris Cornutt: Avoid confusing code

Operating Cornutt and He started programming PHP since 1998. In his advice for the beginner PHP developer, he warns about confusing code.
"I think that these new developments will easily be bored with the code confusion, headaches ... The beginner and have a little interest in the PHP language are often eager to write code with psychological is just code run is, but I'm sure that more than half of them will quit ".
"Try to find a mentor who can guide you through some initial steps. You'll feel a huge difference when you have someone to talk. IRC is a good choice, but a person to be able to meet to better learn a lot.
Often they have a lot of sites with loads of example code and PHP helped them overcome difficult situations. Some examples are good, some not so much, but learn them in a gradual manner. PHP development is like anything else, is a skill that must be honed - you can not jump into the middle and become an expert overnight is ".

6. Abraham Williams: Learning Drupal

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Williams is a developer and calls himself an "advocate of Hackers" (Hackers advocate). He also advised the novice PHP programmers should be involved in the project open-source programmers.
"Finding a community project or quality (best is the development project oriented open source) to contribute to. Learn about the code, people and culture of that project. You will learn from the development experience, passion for quality code with a friendly community. These new people will get more from the proposed improvements in the code of patch and even how to be a better member of the community. "
"I think the Drupal project is a good starting point. It is a community of mature and powerful, with strong growth rates. In addition, there are many job opportunities for developers Drupal solid ".

7. Demian Turner: Learning from the experienced coder

Turner has worked with web and open source projects since 1996. He runs and recently was one of the finalists competition Seedcamp entrepreneurs start their businesses.
He gave a really valuable advice for new PHP developers to save time, improve the code better and help maintain interest in coding.
"Read the code of seasoned developers experience. It's always been the better way to brighten solve problems you encounter. Do not reinvent the wheel, you'll always have plenty of tools , libraries are available for programming. Please use reputable libraries whenever you can, instead of writing code from scratch ".
"Make sure that your code is easy to understand. If you would not understand the code you wrote six months later, how other developers can understand?".
"Always try to simplify the code. I'll be harder to write simpler code, but consistent refactoring will help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to maintenance."
"Finally, learn about some excellent programmers and how they keep the passion in arts programming in so many years."

8. Stuart Herbert: Learn about test-driven development (test-driven development), encapsulation (encapsulation) and managed code (source control)

Herbert has been coding PHP since 1999. He has written about PHP for several years and has contributed greatly to Gentoo Linux.
For PHP developers, he advises, "Learn about test-driven development and packaging. Once you understand it, you can write code faster. And whoever inherits from the code Your thank you very much ".
"Learn about managing source code has never been taken lightly".
He also said that the biggest strength of the PHP language is a wonderful document and completely free at With some other language, you may need to go out and buy the materials except for PHP books ".

9. Maggie Nelson: Learn about storing data (data storage)

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Nelson is a PHP developer currently working for Flickr.
She says beginners should start learning PHP to store data right from the beginning.
"Much like you would use PHP for web applications. The emerging web applications are web applications use the data in ways that are not normal to solve ordinary problems. If you have just begun with PHP and programming languages ​​this is your first, take one or two days to read the stored data and a bit of SQL. PHP is known to work very well with the database. Please try to learn about MySQL, the relational database and several other storage solutions NoSQL ".
"Take at least one write code for applications that do not use any library or framework support. World PHP offers many great frameworks and can easily abstraction (abstract) accessing data raw, but always make sure you really understand data actually manipulated behind the scenes! ".

10. Michael Maclean: Learn about security


Maclean is a PHP and Python developers in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
He said: "It's pretty easy to understand and PHP code, which is one reason why so many people use it, but I think it is important to look at what people are using it like. Rather so write everything from scratch, learn some framework. This will help you have a more favorable starting point.
"In addition to learning more about privacy. In the past, PHP has been much criticism on this issue. That is the downside of PHP's ease of use. There are many sources of books and online resources for present avoiding dealing with security issues. Let's read the books and online information about security topics Authors Chris Shiflett and Ilia Alshanetsky ".