How to install ec-cube


Posted on 2015-06-25 05:01:26

Installation Steps

System Requirements 

・WEB server… Apache 2.0.x.2.2x or greater, IIS7.0 or greater. 

 ・PHP … 5.1.6 or greater. 

 ・Database … PostgresSQL or greater, mySQL5.0.x or greater 

  PHP’s Library Requirements 

Required … pgsql, mysql, gd, freetype2, mbstring, zlib, spl (only with PHP 5.3.0 or older) Recommended … JSON, xml, OpenSSl, cURL, hash, mhash, mcrypt

Step Details

1. Server settings (You can skip this step) 

Follow the below steps in order to set up the server. When using a virtual host, change “httpd.conf” to: NameVirtualHost <VirtualHost>       ServerName DocumentRoot /usr/local/eccube-2.12.0/html DirectoryIndex index.html index.php </VirtualHost> 

  2. Files/Folders 

You need change permissions for folders html and some folders in data before install ec-cube. Authorization Settings…Upload the files/folders (shown below) and change the directory's “permissions”. ・html/ … permission:777 ・data/cache … permission:777 ・data/class … permission:777 ・data/config … permission:777 ・data/downloads … permission:777 ・data/logs … permission:777 ・data/Smarty … permission:777 ・data/upload … permission:777   

  3. Initial Settings After change the directory's permissions, you can install. Installation Steps ○1 Access EC-CUBES's unzipped location (for example in this case, and click “Next” 1 

○2 Verification of Access Authorization


○3 Required files will be copied to EC site systems.


After confirming all of the information, click “Next”.   

 ○4 Enter information shown below and click “Next”

. EC Site Settings 

 ・Shop name(Required) … Name of shop 

 ・E-mail address(Required) … Address for orders (Ex:

・Log in ID(Required) … Log in ID for administrator screen 

・Password(Required) … Password for administrator screen Admin Settings ・Directory … Directory name for admin settings ・SSL Limit … Admin access’s SSL connection limit 

 ・IP Limit … Admin access’s IP connection limit WEB Server Settings

・URL(Normal)(Required) … URL of shop (Ex:

 ・URL(Secured)(Required) … Encrypted URL for personal information sent via forms (Ex:

 ・General Domain … With normal and SSL’s URL, a sub domain can be used with different forms 4 

○5 Enter database information and click “Next”. 

・Types of DB(Required) … Select the type of DB (Database) to use (You must choose type db to install) 

・DB Server(Required) … Input the DB server’s IP address 

 ・Port … Input DB server’s port number (Not require) 

 ・DB Name(Required) … Input the name of DB to use ・DB User(Required) … Input the user name of DB 

・DB Password(Required) … Input DB password 5 ○6 Click on “Next” to start the initialization of the database. 6 ○7 The status of the database will show up on the screen. Click “Next”. 7 ○8 Installation completed 8   When you complete install, you will see 9 



You need login with username & password when you install ec-cube.

 Important Please delete the “index.php” in the folder “ *html/install”.

 This folder includes the configuration data during the installation process.