10 projects PHP programmer should experienced

Posted on 2015-04-15 08:31:44

For a PHP programmer you always know that PHP is a popular language and have a huge amount of source code for reference, the majority of the components of a website has been developed as an open source use it required to comply with the license of the author sometimes not include the binding. The open source brings many benefits compared to you to keep your source code except where the commercialization of products, for instance:
1. Open source is contributed by many people, the results of the products are made by many people a lot better than you develop yourself. 2. Easily update new features based on the contribution of source code different developers. 3. Reduce development time, reduce production costs ... 4. And many other benefits as well ... :)
I've been working with PHP for about 4 years now, myself as a Freelance Developer should not think of themselves as Master PHP because I always use PHP as a development component, not liking his mind to mastered the language: D The following projects are common components of a website, its versatility as an imperative to know for Web Developer.
1. EMail: This is the most common feature of any website, mail () function; is sufficient for most requirements of different users, in addition to PHP also supports a number of other functions if you want to attach a file or send mail to the SMTP server can easily create a program to send eMail. 2. User support: enables personalized content Website, can multi-ownership, decentralizing the management of personal information and other content. The main feature of this component supports logging, query modification database, session ... 3. Create RSS, news shortened Feeds: At the moment your Website will be assessed if the lag is not supported Feed in providing information, get news by Feed allows users to simplify the monitoring content of a certain website. I'm using Magpie RSS for most of his projects. 4. Locate: determine the geographic location of the user to simply access the statistics of the content from country to be able to serve better, this feature is not really important, but sometimes quite effective If you want to know the results of the country or at least their website: D 5. Get information remotely: query information from various sources, suitable for a synthetic portal, the content is stored in a database. 6. Cache data: reduce queries to the database, to avoid overloading the system by the majority of individual projects are not optimized source code as well as work performance, caching data is a simple solution to optimize Website system can operate stably. 7. System interface: Easily change interface Website, simplifying the design process, reducing the effort to create a new website. A good interface system is not meant to be a full-featured, but just right to meet demand, the best is that you should write more perfect will be used by others, according to me, the transport system area's almost} {core of a content management system. Typical of PHP nhuSmarty 8. BB: common feature of the forum, it simplifies the presentation of content to help ordinary users can create a professional looking documents without needing to know HTML code, your customers will ease use it as an office applications only. Please thuStringParser_BBcode because it is easy to customize according to your wishes. 9. The system queries the database: Database is the best option to store your data, your data may be stored in a database such as MySQL or simply as a text file, then system queries the database will support data queries, simple and reductive source greatly, reduce the effort to write the code. Just as the system interface it is one of the most important components of a project I'm writing Web. Try to reduce declared ezSQL queries for each query of you. 10. Environmental text input: Basically it is a form of content processing is supported friable form and combined BBCode Javascript to serve users the best possible way, its purpose is to try to simulate the environment working as office applications. FCKEditor is a simple example :)
Each one a different perspective, but more or less everyone had to work through one of these projects, 10 component that is not all that common, but only just.