compare differences between operator system Linux and Windows

Posted on 2015-04-06 03:22:45

1. Advantage: - Linux: Fast, does not require high configuration - Windows: beautiful 3D interface, fast switching between windows, powerful search features 

2. Disadvantages: - Linux: Simple interface was omitted due to optimization, non-functional "plug and play" - Windows: The programs are not yet compatible with Vista is one reason why many users do not want to use 

3. Price: - Linux: Free (if you need technical assistance, you can take charge) - Windows: $ 365 for a Premium Edition.gia of the Ultimate Edition is $ 648 

4. Audio: - Linux: There is full of features: play music, rip music by Sound Juicer, Rhythmbox perform functions and listen to Internet radio organizations, Serpentine to burn CD and Sound Recorder to record) - Windows: Better than Linux. The new version of Windows Media Player allows you ripCD, buy new music and links to 1 Mp3 player 

5. Video & image: - Linux: F-spot service copying images from the camera and organized into albums. Feature video of the Totem Movie Video appreciated - Windows: Windows Media Center allows you to browse photos, view slideshows, play DVDs, watch and record TV from the web, download movies and watch home videos. 

6. Work: - Linux: Open Office is currently rated very good and free - Windows: You will lose $ 588 to purchase Windows Vista Business with fax software. Microsoft Office priced at $ 608 

7. Operating system error: - Linux: No - Windows: Microsoft announced that Vista is the most complete Win but users still complain a lot 

8. Ability antivirus: - Linux: Less affected by the virus. Aegis Virus Scanner software built to run in the background - Windows: You need to buy some anti-virus software, such as Norton Internet Security 2007 for approximately $

 81.1   You can read more info about unix at here