Best PHP Frameworks for Web Developers for 2015

Posted on 2015-04-04 03:20:41

I think all framework which have strengths and weaknesses. It is difficultly for comparison. I will show images about the use of the world in 2013 Results summary chart1-1024x853

1) CakePHP

This is the framework which provide a great place for building web applications simple and faster and require less code. CakePHP have some best features like – you can build applications quickly, clean MVC conventions, you have secure applications with build tools for input validation, SQL injection prevention that keep you application safe and secure.

best PHP frameworks for 2015 - cakePHP

2) Symfony

Symfony is another leading PHP framework that help developers to build websites with set if PHP components such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.

best PHP frameworks for 2015 - symfony

3) yiiFramework

Yii Framework is the fast,secure and Professional frameworks for PHP developers. It is the best developing web 2.0 web applications. for security – it includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection, it explicitly designed to work efficiently with AJAX.

best PHP frameworks for 2015 - yiiframework

4) Laravel

larval is one another most popular  PHP framework with lots of great features like – RESRful routing, use native PHP or ligth weight bled tempting engine. larval isbuild on top of several Symfony components, giving your application a great foundation of well tested and reliable code.

best PHP frameworks for 2015 - laravel

5) Zend

Zend is second most popular PHP framework for modern and high performing web applications. Building blocks that can be used piece by piece with other applications or frameworks. Secure – All the cryptographic and secure coding tools you need to do things right. best PHP frameworks for 2015 - zend

6) Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. best PHP frameworks for 2015 - codelgniter

7) PhalconPHP

Phalcon is fastest and high performing PHP framework that help to build MVC application. best PHP frameworks for 2015 phalconPHP