Automatic Shutdown in Ubuntu


Posted on 2015-02-25 03:04:36

Automatic Shutdown in Ubuntu

Automatic Shutdown is a process to turn off the computer automatically within a specified time according to our needs. The existence of automatic shutdown is very useful especially for those of us who often fell asleep while using the computer, or in different cases such as when you’re downloading a large file that takes 2 hours but at the same time we also have a different place of work for 7 hours, we are never going to let the computer is on for 7 hours without being used, this would waste energy even when we are required to Save energy. Therefore, the existence of automatic shutdown is required, we can setting up our computer to shutdown automatically 1 hour or 30 minutes after we downloaded the file. Suppose we downloaded file will be finished at 10.00 AM then we can set our computer to shutdown automatically at 11.00 AM, 1 hour or up to us afterwards. In windows, if we use a downloader like IDM, we can set up the IDM to automatically shutdown when a file has been downloaded, but what about in Linux, especially Ubuntu 11.10, is it possible? Yes, but with an additional tool or we can use the terminal for setting up automatic shutdown. Many tools that we can try to perform an automatic shutdown on Linux, such as Gnome-Schedule, EasyShutdown, etc. but we also can do that by using the terminal.

Automatic Shutdown in Ubuntu 11.10

In this tutorial will explain how to perform an automatic shutdown in Ubuntu 11.10 by using the terminal.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal.
  2. When it opens, run this following commands bellow.
    sudo shutdown -h HH:MM e.g sudo shutdown -h 3:00 this mean, that your PC akan shutdown otomatis pada pukul 3.00 AM, but if you want to shutdown it now then just enter zero in place of time. sudo shutdown -h 0
  3. If you want to cancel it, just press Ctrl+C.

Well, that’s all. Simple right, you just need two step to do it. Ok, I think that’s all for tutorial Automatic Shutdown in Ubuntu. If you have any question, just mention it in the comment.