Developing self-learning skills of yourself

Posted on 2015-07-29 16:21:52

This technology rapidly developing era to increasingly dizzy and skills required for a programmer to more and more severe. If you do not accept the change, do not catch the news, information and then only for a short time only ones that will be left behind and crashed into a high risk of unemployment. Compared to the world, Vietnam is relatively slow in developing and renewing infrastructure systems information technology. Perhaps this is partly the reason why Vietnam programmers mostly be slow and inferior world. Due to the development of small and medium enterprises, just make sure to do a product called " eats enough "is, therefore, lead to stagnation, slow, less learned, and on Special is not creating a clear career path for programmers. programmer-11   To create a change in Vietnam, there is no other way, which is itself the programmer you must find a way to change yourself, knowing expanded world view and the most important is you must equip yourself on study skills , personal self-development. Will no one teach you, guide you better than yourself , a good programmer who has the ability to enhance their skills, personal development know whether in any given situation go anymore. When a new technology in your industry, to immediately find out and learn now to apply. Leapfrog will always be an advantage to anyone. Here, the talk is not just found something new that you learn labor input, labor input to the study, referring to new technologies and changes in the field that you are working with or associated. For example, you use the PHP web programming and Zend Framework, if you do not know the extension update new version of PHP, the Zend Framework 2, whether you're new to meet current work requirements and Your ability in the near future will go?You do need to know a Web site is about HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries, but can not do Web 1.0, the world has been using web 2.0 and ... Not only that, the development of skills quickly is an essential element, if you learn too late, it is impossible to come up with the world trend is. Few programming are capable of learning quickly from the outset, except smart people will not mention, thus fostering learning skills and personal development skills are needed. Time does not never to return, should make the time to learn new technologies is essential. Be proactive, and develop self-learning ability in itself, this is not an overnight job that requires an investment of time, patience and if you are genuinely concerned with the field you are working or orientation to, try for success lies in your hands.