Best tools on internet for DEV


Posted on 2014-12-02 10:10:17

1. Check font of site

You can remote Drap & drop button WhatFont to toolbar bookmark of browser Use: To site which is site you want to check Click button WhatFont on bookmark Continue click to place where you want to check font

2. Access to some block sites Or you want to see connect from other to your site. You want to know how connect to your site.

Access to site Enter website that you want to connect

3. ColorZilla ColorZilla is extension for browser firefox, google chrome. If you’ve ever wanted to determine what colors are used on a Web page, ColorZilla is the tool for the job. It adds an eyedropper icon to the bottom-left corner of Firefox. You can check color of place on screen for development with only click. You need click to icon of this extension then you can work with it. You can see

 demo image for extension.


4. Fireshot Fireshot is an in-browser tool for Firefox and Internet Explorer that allows you to take screenshots and then annotate, edit, organize and export them. Screen-grabbing is a common activity for Web developers to document previews of Web application prototypes and share them with clients, and FireShot gives you a feature-packed in-browser option to manage and streamline your screenshot needs.


 5. Website for search icon

Search icon full color, size with