What makes a professional PHP developers

Posted on 2015-07-11 11:38:15

In his blog, Jim Plush have outlined several factors to differentiate between a professional PHP developer and a simple programmer. Original story:  What separates a professional PHP web developer from a scripter?
In the past 3 years I've had the opportunity to interview more than 200 candidates for positions php / web. I want to find the right person is a senior PHP developer and professional. Unfortunately, only 98% of these did not meet half the requirements I set out.How you respond is how much?
Here are the elements are Jim list:
  • PHP4 vs. PHP5 : must include at least three important features to create differences between the two versions.
  • Networking : capable of socket programming, or at least understand how to connect to other machines.
  • OOP : LT deep understanding of object oriented to be able to answer a few simple questions, eg private and protected methods How different. Must understand (not necessarily use up) the concept: interface, constructor, private / public / protected, inheritance, polymorphism, static method.
  • Database : understand how a standardized database, learn about the primary key and foreign key.
  • Design patterns : not necessarily always have to be used, but it is important to understand why it is useful.
  • Manage source code  (source control): at least one source control system (not the zip files and then save to certain temporary folder). Bonus points for anyone pointed out at least one defect of CVS.
  • Unit Testing : understand how the unit testing, why is it important. Bonus points for test driven design, unit test javascript, said using Selenium.
  • Join the community : I can google something interesting that you do with PHP or other web technologies, be careful if I can not google anything about you. Bonus points if you can participate in a particular project.
  • Javascript skills : Know how to work with DOM (appendChild, removeChild, nextSibling, etc ..), said creating separate classes in JS, bonus points if you know the local variable in javascript.
  • CSS skills : knowing about the box model in and out, understand the CSS selector and inheritance.
  • Passionate improvements : love what you are doing. Knowing create their own personal skills and become more valuable.
The above are minimum requirements. Sadly, most seem happy with the work of a programmer at a minimum, programs leading to bad and bad teams. I often encounter such situations. You have great developers do with those who sit at their desk asleep at 9-10 am (do not laugh, I have photos here). It makes the level of the whole group go down. There are those who sit examination at 4h59 pm faulty code, and leave at 5:00.
The above is a translation almost intact from Jim Plush blog. Some people believe that knowledge of CSS (even Javascript) is not necessary. I was leaning toward Jim, this understanding can help you quickly grasp the form of a web page. Add another opinion that "need to understand and work with at least a certain php framework". I see this is not very important, it is not the exception, because the probability you work with a preselected framework is not very high. and learn PHP Programming , Web Programming Study severance