Why the love or hate developer PHP?

Posted on 2015-07-06 02:36:54

This language has a significant market share in the web development, but which are the design destructive errors.

download (2)   Side scripting language PHP server known in the web development Rasmus was first released in 1995 and was driven by services like WordPress, Facebook. According W3Techs, PHP is used in 82% of the websites have used programming languages ​​server side. And if nothing changes, the PHP version 7 will launch in 2015.However, like any other technology, PHP also has lovers and haters. Here is why:1. Ask: popular and easy to learn PHP"So far, PHP web development language is the most popular," Andi Gutmans CEO of Zend Technologies (provider of tools PHP) said.Web developer at New Media Campaigns Josh Lockhart stressed that PHP is quite easy to learn, grow fast and easy to deploy. "PHP is a programming language of the web the easiest, most accessible out there," Mr. Lockhart said, "PHP is installed on the majority of servers, relatively easy to learn thanks to the excellent online documentation class and online resources are constantly being updated "  2. Ask: Is there much work for web developers"PHP will help you find a job and earn money," said Gutmans said.Last month 11/2014, a quick search query on Dice.com showed 3,366 jobs related to the programming language PHP - though nothing compared to the 17 418 jobs related to Java and Perl trails ( 4,300 jobs), Python (5429 jobs), but much more Ruby (2973 jobs) and Objective-C (985 jobs).Mr. Lockhart see PHP is one of the language used most often, although still behind the language like Ruby, Python, Go and Rust.3. Ask: PHP continues to growPHP language with the modern framework, high performance and numerous possibilities for "new life" as closure, namespace. According to Lockhart, the developers are realizing the powerful PHP, with modern features and modeling object-oriented programming (OOP) appropriate. Upcoming versions of PHP 7 will provide significant performance improvements in applications.4. Hate: Many complain about the design, lack of concentrationEevee name belittle PHP Blogger poor design, expressed dissatisfaction with the language, framework and ecosystem of this programming language. Although a supporter of PHP, but when asked, Mr. Lockhart also listed out a few weaknesses of PHP, such as language inconsistencies, especially with the function name and order of arguments nor set Mid like other programming languages.  Read more tutorials about PHP language at http://tutscode.com/category/programming-language/php-programming-language