HTML was developed by the organization or W3c Word Wide Web Consortium and it is an abbreviation of the English phrase Hypertext Markup Language . Among them is Hypertext Markup Language Hypertext and the markup language.

When we work with object-oriented system, will encounter incompatibility issues between the type of object and relational databases. The management system database relations (RDBMSs) shows data in tabular format, whereas the language object-oriented programming such as Java, C #, C ++ representation of data in graphs link Subjects. ORM is the solution to solve the problem of incompatibility hinders on.

First of all, what we want to achieve, we need to change urls looking like that: ‘’ to ‘’ (it would be seo

Application performance depends on many factors, including a very important factor that is the time to handle SQL Server T-SQL statements. Sometimes designing databases and complex queries that impede the performance of T-SQL statements.